Lesson Plans Here!

On this page I’ve put direct links to all of my lesson plans, for ease of access. Each has a short description and the lesson title links to that post. Lessons were designed for large high school classes in Korea (though possibly suitable for good middle schoolers), though they will often be adaptable for different levels and contexts.

Alternative Greetings: A lesson to teach students about “What’s up?” and “How you doin’?” through two famous Budweiser commercials.

Getting to Know You: A version of the Skittles/M&Ms game for the classroom. Includes PPT.

Personalities 1: Brainstorming vocabulary relating to personalities using the Korean drama “Secret Garden”, and using it to complete a short writing task.

Online Mapping Services: (Elementary) An example of an activity I made for elementary students to practice the directions unit.

Personalities 2: Using the vocabulary acquired last week to describe each other, and potential partners, and then stick post-its on each others back.

Drawing the Passive: A really easy and fun lesson to introduce the grammar for the passive. Good for any level of student as pretty much anyone can participate.

-ing & -ed forms: Get the class to insult/praise each other with a quick survey, followed by a taboo game.

Things and -ers around the house: Covers how to describe vocabulary that you don’t know, using household items as the basis. Also features a taboo style game.

Questions, questions…: (Any level) A lesson which looks at question formation and encourages a bit of drama in the classroom.

6 Word Stories: Seemingly the most popular post on this blog, and a hit with my students as well.

6 Word stories 2: More of the above.

Debate Square: An outline of a debate class structure.

Short Answers Game: A game to practice making questions, giving short answers and to raise awareness of tense and aspect. Includes preparatory worksheet and PPT with rules and answers.

How to learn English better: A lesson to help students reflect on their own language learning efforts, and to introduce a couple of tools to help them.

Just a Minute: A speaking technique and game based on the BBC Radio 4 Gameshow.


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