Lesson Plan: 6 Word Stories 2!

Writing Letters

The desired effect – photo by SPangborn on Flickr.

This is an added post to my original 6 word stories lesson plan, which is by far the most popular post on this blog. The lesson was such a  success, and is such a brilliant low-prep activity, that I repeated when time and motivation were in short supply towards the end of last semester. It’s designed for large Korean school classes, but with a little adaptation would be suitable for any context.

Here’s the Powerpoint I made for the activity:

And here’s the downloadable file:

6 Word Stories 2

The instructions are very simple:

  • Run through the instructions and the examples on the Powerpoint.
  • Show students picture number 1. You could brainstorm vocabulary at this point, or just feed it in as they write. Give the students a set amount of time to create a story using exactly six words.
  • As students finish stories, have them type them into the writeable area on the slide following the big picture.
  • Students vote for the story they like best (not their own). For each vote, the story gains one point.
  • When voting is finished, students can then try to correct mistakes in each other’s stories. If they find a mistake and correct it, they steal a point from the writer and add it to their own score. You can encourage them to look at spelling, grammar, word choice etc, but also to the choice of tense, which always makes for a nice talking point. Plurals and article use is usually a hot topic of debate too.
  • The student or group with the most points at the end is the winner.

Simple really.




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